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A) Students who are bullied are typically insecure. They usually suffer from nightmare and lose interest in many activities in their lives. In high school , violable students usually are bullied by their alumnus or other elder boies outside school even thought they do not do anything to provoke them. Students who are bullied feel scared, but dare not to tell their teachers or parents because they are threatened not to tell anybody. Most of the students who are experienced bulling keep their horrible secrets by themselves. They feel unsafe wherever they are. There are can be no doubt that a number of students suffer the panic brought by bulling and feel that life is too terrible to live.
B) People have experienced some sort of bullying in their lives at some point, whether they are the victims or the bullies. Bullying is a behavior when one is feeling insecure about oneself and feeds off weaker peoples. This is why bullies likes to assail other people just to feel better and invulnerable. Bullying can be impulsive, and a volatile act from one person towards another especially in kids. For instance kids use physical actions to solve problems such as fighting over for a toys. They feel that if they hurt someone, they will feel confident and will win the toys. If bullying is not stopped, bullying can be passed on from victims, to another. Victims will feel scared to go out and or maybe even take their own life. Bullying can lead into serious problems and behaviors. Therefore peoples should be more aware of the potential consequences of bullying.

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